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Board Room

Half Day

Capacity : 30

Basic Value : 3000.00

+ Central GST : 270.00

+ State GST : 270.00

Total : Rs. 3540.00

Full Day

Capacity : 30

Basic Value : 4000.00

+ Central GST : 360.00

+ State GST : 360.00

Total : Rs. 4720.00

  • Facilities like Projector(LCD)@1800/- ,Computer facility@900/- ,Sound System@2500/- ,Sub Staff charges@400/ for Sundays & Holidays; Tea/Coffee; Breakfast (Biscuits/Snacks); Lunch/Dinner; Sealed Mineral water etc: At Actual
  • Current Social distancing Sitting Capacity 15 persons

Kindly take note that our infrastructure facilities are available for organizing your programme keeping in COVID safety requirements as below.

Besides thermal scanning, sanitization and maintenance of social distancing, Sealed Mineral Water and Catering, meeting proper safety and hygiene requirements are being taken care of.

We have got following infrastructure facilities, which you can avail for your meetings, conferences, interviews and other business gatherings.

We request you to do let us know your requirement plus if any extra arrangement is required to make your meetings successful & Corona Safe.

Contact Us Ms. Deepa Dube – Sr. Executive, Commercial (M): 9904066644; (E):; (w):

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Sr. No. Name Price Quantity Total Action
1 LCD (8 Hrs.) 1180.00
2 LCD (4 Hrs.) 1180.00
3 Sub Staff Charges (8 Hrs.) 472.00
4 Projector 1770.00

Half Day Rs. 3540.00

Full Day Rs. 4720.00

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