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  • Organization Change Management Skills
  • Negotiation Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Technical Skill Enhancement
  • Business Communication Skill Enhancement

Industries Offerings & Solutions

Issues :

  • Absence of formalized processes
  • Non homogeneity of processes across various business units
  • Duplication of activities done at various locations
  • Inefficient utilization of management time
  • Lack of co-ordination and information flow distortion across departments
  • Multiple systems for capturing data and thus for generating MIS.

Our Solutions :

  • Controls weakness in Finance function which could lead to possibility of revenue leakages
  • Provides well defined standard operating procedure
  • Provides clear and role demarcated organizational structure
  • Standardizes efficiency of Marketing, Sales, Procurement, F&A team across the group
  • Streamlines processes across organization enabling digitilization

Why to conduct Time & Motion study?

In order to make the operation more competitive so that growth in productivity and performance can be sustained time & motion study is conducted.

Who should conduct Time & Motion study?

Time study establishes standard times, while motion study identifies techniques for improving work methods. These two techniques are fused into a widely accepted method applicable to the improvement and upgrading of work systems and it is applied today to industrial as well as service organizations, including telecom, banks, BPOs, schools, colleges and hospitals.

What is Time & Motion study?

  • Time and motion study is a work measurement technique for carefully recording the time of performing a certain specific job or its elements carried out under specified conditions for analyzing the data so as to obtain the time necessary for an operator to carry it out at a defined rate of performance.
  • The Industrial Engineering Terminology Standard defines time study as "a work measurement technique consisting of careful time measurement of the task with a time measuring instrument manual, digital including Video Camera, adjusted for any observed variance from normal effort or pace and to allow adequate time for such items as foreign elements, unavoidable or machine delays, rest to overcome fatigue, and personal needs.”
  • Some new products and plants are under project/expansion stage or new wage settlement is to take place or proper productivity norms/standards have to be created. This may require redeployment of manpower and restructuring of departments. In view of this it is necessary to know the present utilization factor of manpower, under load or overload. The excess manpower if any can be utilized for its expansion. If the present manpower is in shortage the recruitment activity can be initiated well in advance.
  • To study and analyze all the activities of any department of any organization carried out on the shop floor, office or field for the purpose of value stream mapping, validating/finding standard time, workload assessment, process & methods improvement, work simplification, identifying efficiency as well as effectively gaps and suggest for improvement in productivity keeping objective of resource optimization in general and human resource in particular.
  • Time & Motion study may analyze all major activities undertaken by the workers, Staff, Executives and Managers to assess efficient utilization of time & other resources presently deployed. In order to establish Optimum mix & variety (Quantity as well as Quality-Competence & Commitment Mapping) of these personnel required at various areas (activity centers) of the company to achieve planned growth & expansion level as well as to promote savings, control and bring down percentage of wastage. Thus streamline business operations by proper appropriation of manpower at different stages.
  • In general the issues and obstacles of organizations are a direct effect of inadequate management practices rather than that of labor. Management practice itself may need to ponder change and that the manner of change could be defined only by scientific study; inefficiencies of much of the routine work, Efficiency v/s workload v/s effectivity and Competence v/s Commitment levels of individuals.

Does BPC also conduct Time & Motion study using MOST technique?

Yes, BPC also conducts Time and Motion Study using MOST. Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST) is a predetermined motion time system that is used primarily in industrial settings to set the standard time in which a worker should perform a task. To calculate this, a task is broken down into individual motion elements, and each is assigned a numerical time value in units known as time measurement units, or TMUs. All the motion element times are then added together and any allowances are added, and the result is the standard time.

Benefits of Time & Motion study

  1. Helps in improving productivity by 10 to 15% or even more.
  2. Helps in cutting & controlling waste and wasteful practices.
  3. Resource optimization & especially human resource optimization.
  4. Man power appropriation not only in term of quantity but quality also.
  5. Highlights duplication of effort intra as well as inter department.
  6. Identifies efficiency and effectivity gaps.
  7. Brings out skill gaps and training needs.
  8. Helps build corporate culture & employee engagement by highlighting ergonomic as well as area of improvement in employee’s facilities.
  • Disconnect between budgeting process and situation on the ground
  • Management dissatisfaction with the robustness, quality and duration of budgeting process
  • Complex structure where even delivery units were considered to be profit centers
  • Absence of well defined standard operating procedure.
  • No standardized templates for the budgeting process across service lines and support departments
  • No reconciliation and control mechanisms
  • Lack of efficiency and Excess compliance and control limit organization’s ability to implement strategy
  • We also help organizations in developing road-map to implement strategy
  • We provide complete recruitment assistance right from sending call letters to conducting written tests, GD/PI , short listing and finalization.
  • We also conduct promotional written tests, interviews etc and score sheets with results
  • BPC conducts surveys for service conditions, salary, incentives and other benefits being offered in different types of Industries in different industrial zones for workers, managers (junior-mid-senior)

What is CSR?

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is the ownership an organization takes to ‘give back to society’ through which it prospers. Forward looking companies assume such responsibility with a sense of this purpose in everything they do.

The focus, therefore, includes contribution of time and money, a duty to provide environment friendly products and services, and a desire to improve the lives of individuals.

How can CSR benefit society?

A committed, well laid out and implemented strategy helps society, while earning goodwill for the organization, by:

  • Encouraging ethical behavior
  • Contributing to economic development
  • Improving quality of life of communities and society at large

How does CSR help businesses grow?

An effective CSR implementation helps a business continue to differentiate itself, and be visible. Even with dozens of competitors, a real commitment to CSR lets businesses stand out. CSR can lead to new products and services that reflect company’s chosen values.

Companies with a history of good CSR strategies are recognized as prime examples of how they coupled social responsibility productively to advance goodwill, while building sustainable and impressive businesses. They have provided demonstrated leadership in pursuing both objectives simultaneously In effect; they have improved their reach out to society to “do more”.

Develop a CSR Strategy with BPC

CSR today is much more than ad-hoc donations and events and is moving towards a long-term strategic engagement that will reap social and business dividends for the company in the long run.

BPC’s Working Model for CSR:

Baroda Productivity Council has the capability and expertise to act as a CSR advisory and implementation partner to Corporates. We offer strategic, administrative and implementation support to CSR initiatives tied to your mission, philosophy and your values.

BPC can assist you to:

  • Define your CSR objectives
  • Co-create a CSR strategy/ Plan
  • Suggest causes or social initiatives(along with locations) in sync with your corporate agenda
  • Source Social Workers and Implement the plan in a desired time frame
  • Survey and measure effectiveness / impact of your CSR initiative

Let BPC Administer Your CSR Initiatives

You have a trusted partner in BPC. In order that you can accord full attention to business, BPC will manage your CSR initiatives entirely. Our expertise in planning and execution, allocation of optimum resources will help execute CSR effectively.

With direct access to beneficiaries and our capability to spread and reach out to the grassroots level, BPC will transform strategy into practice. BPC will also continuously measure effectiveness of each initiative so that periodically strategies can be revisited whenever necessary.

Broadly, our methodology of administration of CSR initiatives will be:

  • Assessing community needs
  • Preparing an action plan
  • Identifying and selecting partners and volunteers, including social workers, students, NGOs, etc.
  • Imparting training on execution of CSRs to partners, volunteers, etc.
  • Drawing up implementation processes, procedures, internal reporting mechanisms
  • Closely monitoring progress
  • Measuring outcome / impact of CSR initiative
  • Submitting periodic reports for your review

Sample CSR Initiatives

Sample CSR initiatives which can be undertaken for various Corporate are:

  • Developing basic rural amenities (bore wells, waste disposals, etc.)
  • Promoting children’s education
  • Imparting adult education
  • Promoting family planning
  • Promoting awareness campaigns
  • Coaching rural school teachers
  • Organizing blood camps
  • Organizing medical camps
  • Creating entrepreneurship, skill training and placement assistance programs for youth
  • Imparting education to farmers & rural folks (on agriculture, organic compost, storm water harvesting)
  • Creating self-help groups
  • Promotion of Art and Culture

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